George Heathco, Ertan Torgul, Marcus Rubio, David Mollenauer, Carolyn True, Stephanie Key & Rob Smith after the premiere of “EP”, March 25, 2013

EP (2013)
I. Single – II. Ballad – III. B-Side

An EP – extended play – is a term used to refer to a pop music recording that contains more music than a single, but less than a full studio album or LP (long play). Originally used to describe vinyl records, it is now used to describe mid-length Compact Discs as well as digital music downloads.

The three movements that make up this work have a driving energy and a sense of immediacy that is often found in popular music, as well as a total length that is ideal for an EP (as it was originally conceived – about 12-15 minutes of music). Titled using slang for different kinds of pop tunes – Single, Ballad and B-Side – the three movements share a number of musical ideas and run continuously without breaks.

EP was commissioned by the SOLI Chamber Ensemble in San Antonio, TX.

PURCHASE: EP – score & parts (PDF via E-mail)
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PURCHASE: EP – score & parts (Printed via US-Mail)
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