Surge (2003) was commissioned by Dr. Blake Wilkins and the Moores School of Music Percussion Ensemble for a premiere performance at the 2003 Percussive Arts Society International Conference.  Focused around swelling chords, driving rhythms and a highly syncopated and energetic tune, this work constantly gathers momentum until ending on a rapidly pulsing chord in the upper register of the keyboards.

REVIEW: Univ. of Houston Percussion Ensemble CD Surge,, February 2006
Surge, the title piece by Rob Smith, is an entertaining pop/minimalist essay…full of fun along the way.”

REVIEW: Univ. of Houston Percussion Ensemble CD Surge,, March 2006
“Surge is a brisk post-minimal work, fueled by a propulsive, syncopated ostinato and adorned with cymbal splashes and pulsating vibraphone and marimba chords. It operates at a fairly relentless pace, but Smith provides abundant variety within this fast tempo spectrum by employing frequent metric shifts; he rachets up the intensity to breakneck speed by the work’s conclusion.”

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