Blue Norther

  • 8′
  • published by TRN

Blue Norther (2003) is a Texas term referring to a cold front that creates extremely windy conditions and dramatic temperature drops in a very short period of time. The “blue norther” gets its name from the blue haze that often appears at the front edge of these weather systems. The sparse opening, with its mournful minor melody, represents a hot Texas plain before it is besieged by a “blue norther”. Loud percussion rolls, rapid woodwind passages and a chorale-like theme in the brass represent the “norther”. This aggressive and fast paced material dominates the work like the front will dominate the plain, but eventually the original mood returns as the front passes.

Blue Norther was commissioned by the Muskego High School Symphonic Band (Jamie Beckman, director) with generous assistance from the Muskego High School Music Friends.