Beacon Fires

  • 9’30”
  • I. Ignite – II. Glow – III. Blaze (performed continuously)
  • semi-finalist in the 2012 Coups de Vents Wind Ensemble Composition Competition
  • published by Skitter Music Publications

Beacon Fires (2009) was commissioned by Mark Hartman and the Crane Youth Music Wind Ensemble, directed by Brian K. Doyle, for a premiere performance during their 37th season. The work was written in honor of the program’s first three directors, Roy Schaberg, Scott LaVine and Mark Hartman. The title refers to fires that can be seen from a great distance because of their high vantage point – usually a hill or tower. This seems a fitting metaphor for these directors who have served as important role models for the young musicians who have participated in the festival. The first movement, Ignite, is dedicated to Roy Schaberg and features Schaberg’s instrument, the horn. Glow, the second movement, is dedicated to Scott LaVine and features the woodwinds and harp. The third movement, Blaze, is dedicated to Mark Hartman and features the trombone, Hartman’s instrument, and the low brass. The triumphant opening theme is used throughout the work to symbolize how the original idea for the festival continues, but is also reinterpreted and embellished upon by each new director.

Mark Hartman, Brian K. Doyle, Scott LaVine, Roy Schaberg & Rob Smith in July 2009, after the premiere of “Beacon Fires”.


PURCHASE: Score & Parts (PDF via e-mail)
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PURCHASE: Score & Parts (Printed via US-Mail)
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