Las Pilas


Yung-Hsiang Wang (violin), Ivo van der Werff (viola), & Barrett Sills (cello) premiering “Las Pilas” on the April 6, 2013 MUSIQA concert, “Word Play”.

Las Pilas (2013)
Pilas are public spaces in rural Central America where people go to wash clothes and socialize together. Significant relationships are built here, thus making pilas an important location in their community. Sandra Tirey and Jan van Lohuizen’s newly built home, dubbed “Geezerville”, reflects the ancient roots of pilas in a modern way, through their creation of mutual spaces to be shared with their neighbors. In the same way that their home will become the central meeting space for their community, Las Pilas combines several ideas that coalesce in the end to form a unified whole in celebration of Geezerville’s birth.

Las Pilas was commissioned by Sandra Tirey and Jan van Lohuizen and premiered by MUSIQA.

PURCHASE: Las Pilas – score & parts (PDF via E-mail)
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PURCHASE: Las Pilas – score & parts (Printed via US-mail)
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