Concerto for Orchestra

  • 22′
  • I. Introduction – II. Elegy – III. Scherzo – IV. Finale (performed continuously)
  • published by Skitter Music Publications

Concerto for Orchestra (2006) is inspired the many great works written with the same title, and is constructed in four movements that are to be played continuously. The work contains three musical ideas: a bold fanfare and two contrasting themes. The first, and more energetic theme is presented immediately after the opening fanfare in the first movement, while the second, and more somber theme, is introduced in the elegy. These two themes are continually developed throughout the work – with the fanfare serving primarily as transitional material – and are eventually combined in the finale.

This work was commissioned by the Immanuel and Helen Olshan Texas Music Festival (Alan Austin, director) through the generosity of the Visionary Initiatives Fund (founding members: Vicky & Don Eastveld, Miranda & Dan Wainberg). It was premiered by the Texas Music Festival Orchestra on June 23, 2006 under the direction of Giuliano Silveri.

REVIEW: ArtsHouston Magazine, August 2006

“The seamless four movement [Concerto for Orchestra] unfolded from a super-charged fanfare into playful wind writing and hushed, dream-like string sequences. Smith purposely worked with only a handful of straightforward and harmonically inviting themes that he manipulated into a linear, almost cinematic journey of moods. Most striking was the Scherzo, introdcued by a violin strumming technique – quasi guitara – that set up a Spanish-flavored, mixed-metered pulse accompanied by an exotic battery or percussion. Although Smith’s goal was to write a piece for a professional level orchestra, the work’s youthful and flashy exuberance was just right for these young artists.”

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